Tax Exemption Documents

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By State

Florida Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Illinois Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Indiana Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Kentucky Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Michigan Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Ohio Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Tennessee Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Wisconsin Tax Exempt Letter Download 
Multi-jurisdiction Tax Exempt Letter Download 


For specific vendors

Home Depot (FL, IL, IN, KY, MI, OH, TN, WI) Download 
Menards (IL, IN, MI, OH, WI)  
  Illinois Download 
  Indiana Download 
  Michigan Download 
  Ohio Download 
  Wisconsin Download 
BEST BUY 3009373069


Setting Up Tax Exempt Status With Specific Vendors

If you need to set up a Moody vendor account with tax-exempt status, please do the following:

  1. For local vendors, or vendors requiring that a form be signed to confirm our tax-exempt status, please contact Paulette Phillips in the Controller's Office (Crowell 5) at (312) 329-2234.
  2. When national vendor tax exemption must be set up through the vendor's website or by calling their corporate Tax Department, please contact Procurement Services. Once Procurement has established the tax exemption with the vendor, information will be posted on this page, in the section titled "For specific vendors," for any staff member to use when making business purchases.

Chicago Campus Employees Renting Equipment

If you are renting equipment in the Chicago area, be aware that there is a Chicago Rental Tax from which Moody is exempt. Please present a copy of the following document to the rental company you are doing business with and they should remove the rental tax as well as sales tax from your bill. Download Federal Declaration of Tax Exempt Status.

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