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Enterprise: Rent-a-Car

Enterprise is Moody’s preferred vehicle rental agency with contracted corporate rates, a 5% Discount off Enterprise Nationwide rates offered at the time of your rental, and a yearly cash rebate for Moody. Your rental will be in your name, NOT Moody Bible Institute. 

For Access

To access MBI’s Enterprise website (EHIDirect ) email Procurement Services requesting access and then follow instructions you will receive in an email from EHI Direct. You can use this site for Business and personal use.

How to Rent a Vehicle

  1. Log into MBI’s Enterprise (EHIDirect) website.
  2. Enter your rental parameters
  3. Choose the lowest rate
  4. You will NOT be asked for credit card information at the time of reservation. You will be required to present your Driver’s License and credit card when you pick up the vehicle.
  5. One-Way rentals are through National Rental – Choose One Way tab under Vehicle Rental

Contact Information

  • Contact your local Enterprise office.
  • Chicago State Street Office: (312) 951-6262
  • Enterprise Toll-Free: (877) 881-5500
  • Corporate Account Rep:Thomas Bez 847-321-1740 thomas.j.bez@ehi.com

Important Information

  1. Moody’s Enterprise and National Car Rental account number is XZ15Z16.
  2. There are no cancellation fees, even for last minute changes.
  3. If the office is closed when you want to pick up or drop off other arrangements can be made to accommodate your need. Contact the Rental office and if you do not reach a satisfactory resolution contact Moody’s account Rep.
  4. Moody’s Insurance information is attached to our account so if an agent tries to charge you for insurance ask them to check the notes for Moody’s account.
  5.  Moody’s Tax Exemption Letters are attached to our account so if agent tries to charge you tax in state we are tax exempt in asking them to check the notes for Moody’s account
  6. Renter must be at least 21 years old with valid driver’s license.
  7. If you have any issues with Tax or Insurance charges go ahead and pay then contact our Account Rep and ask for a refund after explaining the situation.


What if the Enterprise office is closed when I want to pick up or drop off?
Call the office you want to rent from and tell them when you would like to pick up or drop off. They will do everything they can to accommodate your needs. If you do not reach a satisfactory resolution call our corporate account representative.

What do I do for a one-way rental?
Use the National Car Rental contract on the website. There is a tab for one-way rentals. Enterprise does not handle one-way rentals.

Can I bypass the counter?
Unfortunately, you do have to go to the counter, but since we have a Corporate Account you should be able to go through quickly. There are notes on our account for the associates to not “up-sell” or any of the other time-consuming tactics they use with retail accounts. 

Can I use my Emerald Program Card? (National Car Rental Emerald Program)
Yes, there is a place on the first page after selecting which link you want to enter into the reservation process on the website. This is a time saver as it pulls in some of your personal information.

Tax Exemption
All MBI’s tax exemption letters have been attached to our Enterprise account. If you are mistakenly charged tax please ask the agent to check the notes to MBI’s account. You can always access the tax-exempt letters on the PCard or Procurement websites, or if necessary you can call our corporate account representative. If an office insists you pay tax, go ahead and pay, then call our corporate account representative afterward, a credit can always be issued later. Do not delay your travel plans due to a tax discrepancy/dispute.

What if I have to cancel?
There are no fees if you have to cancel a reservation, even if it is last minute. Just go to the website and click on the link you used to make the reservation. You will see a link that says, “Modify an Existing Reservation.” Click on that and follow the instructions. Or, you can call your local Enterprise office or our corporate account representative.

What if I need a copy of my receipt?
Just go to the website and you will see a link that says, “Print Your Receipt.” Follow the instructions from there.

Can I get the vehicle dropped off at my location?
We have arrangements for only MBI campus to have vehicles dropped off at the Visitor’s Lot. You or a licensed driver must meet them to sign for the vehicle. Arrangements have to be made in advance by calling the local representative. Other areas may charge a fee; it is up to the local office.

Is there an age requirement to rent a vehicle?
You must be at least twenty-one (21) years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Do I need to purchase insurance?
NO, not for Moody Employee traveling for Moody business. It is already set up in the contract that MBI is self-insured so they should not ask you to buy it. This is for MBI business only. If the agent mistakenly charges you for insurance ask them to check the notes on MBI’s account. If the office will not allow you to take the vehicle without paying for insurance go ahead and pay, a credit can be issued later. Call our account rep afterward. Do not delay your travel plans due to an insurance discrepancy. NOTE: Personal rentals have to provide their own insurance. 

What are the Contract conditions?

  • Most have unlimited mileage per day and week. (2,500 free miles per month) please check when renting the vehicle what mileage is allowed
  • Weekly rate is 6 times daily rate
  • Monthly rate is 22 times daily rate
  • Corporate contracts are given high priority for vehicle availability
  • Surcharges for certain airport and/or geographic areas apply.

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