To purchase computer hardware or software consult with ITS to ensure the item is compatible with Moody’s systems. Once you have permission from ITS please submit a request for bid via email to the vendors below. Once you have made your choice for purchase pay with your Moody Credit Card. Not all vendors will carry everything you are looking for. They will respond with either a quote or let you know they do not carry what you are looking for.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of these vendors we have contracts with which includes free shipping, low prices, and our tax exemption status is already set up. To access our contract pricing and benefits please contact the vendor representative and request a sign-in for the Moody website. You will not see Moody's contracted pricing by visiting the regular vendor website.

Andrew McKenzie
888-805-4600 Ext 2410

Free Shipoping

Contact Computer Support Department, Steve Takushi

Ardis Warner
888-884-7168 ext 2067

Charges shipping

B&H Photo - Contracted pricing


Click "Get Started"and follow instructions on screen. Confirm Moody's E&I membership to access contract pricing. Free shipping on most items

Broadcasters General Store (BGS)
Kandice or Karly Kerstin

Charges shipping and mostly Radio station items

CDWg - Contracted pricing
Eric Cheng

Free shipping and 30 trial with no restocking fees

Connection (Previously GovConnection) - Contracted pricing
Chris Nilles
800-800-0019 Ext 75570

Free shipping

Joe Castellccio

Free shipping


Sound Inc
Hank Schultz

Mostly speakers and lighting items

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