1. What is the application process?
  2. What are my responsibilities for the card?
  3. What can I use the card for?
  4. What are my limits and how can I get them adjusted?
  5. Who is my approver and how can I have it changed?
  6. What is my home cost center and how can I have it changed?
  7. How do I get access to Oracle?
  8. I forgot my Oracle password, how do I get it reset?
  9. What is reconciling transactions?
  10. What happens when I reconcile?
  11. What is the cost center and account number?
  12. What documents are required when reconciling?
  13. My Expense Report was returned, what do I do?
  14. I don't recognize a charge on my card, what do I do?
  15. My card was lost, what do I do?
  16. My card was stolen, what do I go?
  17. I was double charged, or charged incorrectly by a vendor, what do I do?
  18. I was charged tax, what do I do?
  19. I made a personal purchase on my Moody Card, what do I do?
  20. I made a Moody purchase on my personal card, what do I do?
  21. I received a check for my credit card transactions, how did that happen and what do I do?
  22. I don't see my transactions in Oracle, why not?
  23. I received notice of transactions to reconcile, I already reconciled these, what do I do?
  24. I received notice of transactions to reconcile but don't see any, what do I do?
  25. Why do I have to reconcile within 5 business days?
  26. Why can't I let a co-worker use my card for a purchase?
  27. Why can't I share my Oracle sign-in with a co-worker?
  28. I reconciled but I still don't have enough credit available on my card, why not?
  29. I am transferring to different position, what do I do about my card?
  30. I am leaving Moody, what do I do about my card?

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