Lost or Stolen Moody Credit Cards

If your card is lost, stolen, or you suspect fraud, Immediately call:



Moody Credit Card Fraud 

1. Legitimate financial institutions will never contact you via e-mail requesting that you click a link to enter personal information, so please DO NOT respond to any e-mail you receive claiming to be from a bank requesting you do so. Call the number on the back of your card to verify the validity of the email.

To see samples of actual SPAM e-mails received by Moody employees, click the links below. They look legitimate, but they're not.

2. If you have a transaction you do not recognize contact Chase immediately. If  determined it is fraud they will give you instructions on card cancelation and replacment. If you are not sure it is fraud it is best to be safe and call Chase to suspend the card until you have determined if the transaction is legit or not. Then you can either cancel the card if it is fraud or lift the suspension if it is legit.

Caller I.D. Spoofing

Beware of incoming phone calls purported to be from your credit card company or bank.
Read about one of the latest techniques used to commit fraud and identity theft. Another example of credit card fraud.


Inspect the machine before attempting a withdrawal looking for broken locks, extra scanning equipment. When in doubt go into a bank to receive your cash advance.

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