Internal Transfers

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Internal transfers are used to transfer funds in conducting inter-departmental business. The internal transfer authorizes charges to be made to department cost center for items such as goods and services; for equipment and supply transfers between departments, sharing costs among cost centers, and correcting entries in deposits, invoices, and projects.

The form is completed by the service or initiating department and sent electronically to the receiving department. Please send the completed forms to the Controller's Office for processing.  


  1. The internal transfer should include a description of the goods or services provided and describe the reason for the transfer.
  2. Different costs (general ledger accounts) should be shown as separate lines and not as a combined total.
  3. Any supporting documentation should be attached to the email or enclosed if sent through interoffice mail.

The internal transfer may not be used for the following types of transactions:

  • Budget adjustments
  • Fund balance adjustments

Sample Copy

Internal Requisition or Transfer Form

If you are uncertain about the "account" or "project" numbers, please leave these areas blank.

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