Cash Advances

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Please note that cash advances should not be used to pay for services rendered, to pay honorariums or for any type of payroll disbursements.

Time Frame for Submission of Expense Reconciliations

Within the month after the date of the cash advance, the custodian must prepare a report listing the amount received and how the funds were used. Expenses must be supported by original invoices or signed receipts. Expense totals should match the receipts totals or differences should be noted and explained. The expense report must be approved by a supervisor or an authorized approver.

Unused Advance

Any unused amounts should be re‚Äźdeposited in Treasury Operations as soon as possible after returning to campus or after the event. The receipt should be attached to the expense report.

Report Submission

The approved expense reconciliation and supporting documents should be sent to the Controller's Office. Please use additional pages if more lines are needed and group similar expenses if possible.

Please call Eunice Childress (x2243) or Marya Preston (x2244) if you are having difficulty meeting the submission deadline.

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