Check Requisition

Check Requisition Form 


Note: A check requisition should only be used if an invoice is not available.

CR Number
Use a numeric (or alpha-numeric) pattern distinctive to your operations.

Suggestion: Budget Unit followed by a consecutive numbering sequence. This will be a key reference in after Oracle input.

Date Required
Please allow three days for processing or otherwise indicate a timely date the payment is to be made.

Is Payee An Independent Contractor?
For payments to individuals.

  • Indicate Yes: if Payee is a non-employee receiving compensation for services provided to MBI.
  • Indicate No: if otherwise.

Reason For Request
A brief yet through description of the nature of the expenditure that should also be supported by documentation which defines the expenditure. Examples are: letters, subscription formats, contracts, packing lists, quotations, etc.

Account Number (Second) 
Use only if the expense amount is split with a second account within the same budget unit.

Requested by
This is the individual initiating the check request.

Approver Signature
Supervisor of the requestor who by signing is approving the expenditure. Original or electronic signatures only.

Approver Name (Print)
The approver must also print his or her name for clarity. Stamps are permitted.

Check Requisitions must be in this format (or equivalent). Please refer your questions to either Tom Jones (x2084) or Roger Sipes (x2226).

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