Authorized Signature

Download the Authorized Signature Form , fill out and return to the Controller's Office.

Form Instructions

Fill in the following:

  1. The last and first name of the person you wish to authorize;
  2. Your department;
  3. The last and first name of the supervisor;
  4. The date;
  5. Proposed amount the person can sign for;
  6. Check the boxes that are applicable to the person;
  7. The cost centers the person can sign on;

After completing the form, please print the document using the instructions below.

Printing Instructions

When you print please make sure you print exact size:

  1. Have the Authorized Person sign and initial the form (do not type the initials) in the appropriate boxes;
  2. Set the page scaling to "None"
  3. Do not select "Auto-Rotate and Center"
  4. Print the document
  5. Return the form to the Controller’s Office via interoffice mail or in person (address the envelope to Roger Sipes).

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